I don’t know why, but I used to not like old-fashioned. Maybe because I would look at them and think they were deflated donuts. Like, “hey there, donut, why are you so sad?”

These days, I’ve really come to enjoy them. A lot. They’re usually quite good. This iteration from Marietta Donuts was also a solid one.

The most important part of these donuts include:

  • Density – they’re old-fashioned donuts, so they should be dense. Read: good heft.
  • Because of how they’re made, they should have a good crunch on the outside and soft in the middle.
  • If there’s frosting, the frosting is hardened to contribute to the “crunchy” factor.

No, I will not be adding these to the Donutal Dimensions. But, you should know them. Memorize them. Quiz on Monday.

But if we’re to add all these dimension scores together, you’d have a solid donut. Well played, Marietta Donuts, especially after that Fruity Pebbles debacle.


Where is Marietta Donuts (Marietta, GA)?