Local Moose’s Salted, Milk, & Honey Donut

Salted Caramel. Milk tea. Honey graham. All things I don’t typically get. No, this donut was not all three of those together. However, the first part of each item listed tends to throw me off the second part of each item. Why? Because I usually like the second parts of teach item alone. Alas, The Local Moose did not have many donuts left at the end of the day, and this donut could be made fresh — and it’s their specialty. Who am I to deny a specialty that the Cafe wants to make for me fresh?!

Before the donut was served, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. When it was served, I didn’t realize how messy this would be. The milk was very much still in milk form, so it was noticeably dripping everywhere. It was exactly as you would expect with all three flavors — salt, milk, and honey — coming in as a symphony of tastes. The dough was light enough, too, that the symphony hit each flavor just enough without overwhelming. Well, the salt was a bit stronger than the rest and it came at the back of the mouth… right at the end.

It was a good donut for sure. Though, it definitely left me wanting. Perhaps there’s such a thing as “too light”.

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