Local Moose’s Ginger Cracker and Cinnamon Donut

Mmm Donut is really getting me to try new donut flavors I wouldn’t normally. I’m not really a fan of ginger… or cinnamon. However, as I walked into The Local Moose Cafe, I realized that this was the only donut left till the man behind the counter offered a fresh donut — the Salted, Milk, & Honey Donut. So, I first committed to this one.

I admit I was a little negatively biased about this donut because it had two ingredients I tend to not care for. However, I’m glad that I tried this out. I now know that yeah, this type of donut isn’t really my thing. The two flavors give it a spiciness that I’m not a big fan of. It’s a light spice, for sure. However, it was a flavor that I don’t particularly love on a donut. A candy cane or plainly as a cracker? Sure, in their respective forms.

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