Krispy Kreme. Chocolate-frosted. Sprinkles. The benchmark. (For me.)

Every so often, when I go to the local grocery store, I’ll pick up a half-dozen box of the Krispy Kreme Chocolate-Frosted with Sprinkles. This typically happens when I haven’t had a donut in a while, and I need my fix. Before I step into my car, I’ll likely have already devoured one. Before stopping, I’ll have eaten at least three of them. So, yeah, I love this donut. Except now, I get it fresh from Krispy Kreme.

I love this donut because of the sweet, chocolate shell and the great little crunch afforded from the sprinkles. Though, I was a little surprised this go-round that the dough density was a tad higher than I remembered / loved from before. In fact, I noticed this from some of the boxes I’ve had over the last year from Kroger. The dough has seemed less airy. My preference is to be more airy, so in this way, I’ve become more disappointed. It’s still got a good taste, but I can’t help but think Krispy Kreme’s Chocolate-Frosted with Sprinkles is no longer the benchmark.

It’s still a good donut, but it’s changed.


Where is Krispy Kreme (Atlanta, Ponce)?