Belgian Chocolate and Crackling Candy

The Franboise donut… oh, how you had me at “crackling candy”. What exactly is crackling candy? Is it like rock candy? Nope. It’s just crunchy candy that is less sugar-like in taste but similar in texture / crunch.

But truthfully, the Franboise was crunchy beyond the crackling candy. The Belgian chocolate was layered on thick. I really didn’t expect the frosting to be so thick, or with that type of crunch. This reminded me a lot of the chocolate syrup shell that you can pick up at a grocery store and drizzle on ice cream. The syrup would harden in a few seconds creating a thick crunchy shell of chocolate. This donut’s frosting was very similar. Though, it was certainly a rich taste.

Oh, and the second thing you may notice is the dough is different. It’s almost cake-like but it’s got a certain softness to it. Turns out the Franboise (and other donuts from Hocus Pocus) is a steamed donut. I suppose this is Franboise’s specialty. I’ve never had a steamed donut. The texture is not too much different from a cakey donut. However, it’s more moist and soft. This really makes the frosting seem even thicker than it really was.

Good donut. Enjoyed the crackle, but was really more into the crunch of the Belgian chocolate frosting.


Where is Hocus Pocus (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)?