Belgian Chocolate

At first blush, you’d think the Hocus Pocus Apricot was just straight up double dark chocolate. You wouldn’t even notice any apricot at first. But you know as they say, “it’s what’s in the inside that counts”. To this, that’s not exactly true. Sorry — were you expecting differently?

Belgian chocolate was definitely more profound in this donut. In fact, I didn’t even read the signage well to know there was apricot. Candidly, I got the donut because I thought it was more of the double-dark chocolate variety. Ha! But as I took a couple bites, I noticed a couple things.

One, the donut’s chocolate frosting was thick. It was not only thick, but it was super crunchy. Hocus Pocus knew how to make a layer of frosting really crunch. It was a good surprise. The dough (more on this later, by the way, because it’s prepared different) part of the donut was more chocolatey. Though the frosting was chocolate, it was not a dark chocolate. Read: it was not high in cocoa.

Now, the second “thing” I noticed about this donut after two bites was this very faint hint of sweetness that was unlike the rest of the chocolate on offer. After staring closely at the donut’s inside, I realized there was a thin layer of orange in the middle. That is, the donut was split into halves — a top and a bottom. The orange jam / preservative was apricot. That made me look at the pictures of the menu to realize this was actually called the Apricot donut. The Belgian chocolate aspect came in second.

What also made this donut slightly different from typical donuts was the dough; rather, how this donut was prepared. This donut was steamed. The steam preparation style meant this particular donut was both dense and soft. I don’t really have a donutal dimension to really accommodate this — dense and soft. However, that’s what it was.

Nice little donut with the double surprise of apricot and thick chocolate crunchy frosting.


Where is Hocus Pocus (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)?