I’m not really a s’mores-on-a-donut guy. Don’t get me wrong — I love s’mores. But I don’t usually like the s’mores on a donut. It’s similar to my affinity to peanut butter sandwiches, but my apprehension to peanut and chocolate (like a peanut butter cup candy thing). However, in the spirit of continuing to try different donuts that I wouldn’t necessarily (and share you) I opted for one of Five Daughters Bakery’s “seasonal” donuts (“cronut”). Seasonal = limited time?

This S’mores Donut was created in the same artistry of Five Daughters’ hundred-layer cronuts.

What I liked a lot about the S’mores Donut was that I could taste the fire-kissed marshmallows. There was that little bit of burnt taste that brings back nostalgic memories of huddling around a campfire at summer camp. Then, I tasted the rest of the buttery “cronuttery” that reminded me that I was at the well air-conditioned, hustling and bustling Ponce City Market early on a Friday in October. Ahh, the wonderful life we lead today.

Don’t know if the chocolate was from the classic Hershey’s chocolate bar. There was a very, very light dusting of what I suspect was graham crackers. To really bring out the s’mores taste, I probably would suggest a more than a dusting of the graham cracker.


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