Did you know that “huckleberry” is a real thing — a berry no less — and not just the name of a character from a children’s book? No? I didn’t either. In fact, huckleberry is the state fruit of Idaho. Seriously — check out the Wikipedia entry for huckleberry. Though I live in Georgia, a state commonly referred to as the Peach State, I didn’t even know there was a state fruit. I also didn’t know that it’d be an enticing frosting for a donut. Alas, this donut has shown me that there’s so much to learn from a simple, beautiful cronut. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Huckleberry Chestnut Donut from Five Daughters Bakery (Atlanta) is actually a seasonal donut. The bakery actually labels the donut one of its “October seasonal”. Perhaps October is fifth season I didn’t know, either.

The donut (“cronut”) is a good offering from one of my favorite shops in Atlanta. The huckleberry is strong with this one serving up a good berry-flavor. I forgot that the Five Daughters brand of donuts are also strong in buttery flavor. What I also didn’t realize in this donut was a filling. I don’t even know what it was, but to venture a guess, it’s some type of cream cheese. You can see the filling in the middle of the “100 layers” in the close-up pictures of my bite. In some ways, this filling does help tone down some of the sweetness which is quite strong coming from not only the frosting, but also the sugar granules sprinkles all over the outside of the donut. This filling is what I now realize added to the heft of this donut which definitely seemed an ounce or so heavier than others.

Good donut. Good lessons learned. I’ll keep learning one donut at a time. Sounds like a delicious education.


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