If it’s got “birthday cake” in the name, I’m probably going to get it. It happens with ice cream, and well, donuts like here from Five Daughters Bakery.

Five Daughters’ take is to bake the donut with “100 layers”. Really, it’s like a croissant as the breading, and it WORKS. As you can see from the pictures, it’s also a pretty good size with decent heft. I was real surprised by it. The exterior is sprinkled with sugar; while, the donut is topped by a swirl of, I believe, butter frosting and a light dash of sprinkles.

Though, I’m not crazy about the butter frosting. It was smooth, but felt much heavier than I was expecting. Then again, I wasn’t expecting the buttery frosting. As the dough, it’s great. It’s airy. It’s tasteful. It’s great. The sugary exterior makes the donut a little more messy while the buttery dough definitely leaves a little grease on you. However, the donut’s great. You don’t need the grease to leave an impression on you — the donut itself will.


Where Is Five Daughters Bakery (Atlanta)?