There’s something about vanilla icing that seems uncommon to me. I remember growing up going to Kroger with my mom. In the off-chance she’d let me pick out some donuts for breakfast the next morning, I’d always get the donut on the plastic orange tray with the vanilla, white frosting covered in rainbow sprinkles. I love chocolate frosting, but the vanilla is where my nostalgic tastebuds go.

This was a Halloween-themed donut served made-to-order a la Duck Donuts specialty. This mean the donut was warm along with the vanilla frosting (read: glaze). Grabbing the donut was a bit tough because it wanted to just fall apart. It was that moist. If you don’t like the sound of that word, lo siento. However, it was a great little donut. The warmth of the frosting also meant the icing came off easily from the donut and covered my fingers. I felt like a kid again licking my fingers of the sugary goodness.

Couple that sweet donut (get it? See what I did there?) with the sprinkles — and Halloween sprinkles at that! — and I really liked this donut. It had my nostalgia baked right in + my favorite parts of any donut. Done.


Where Is Duck Donuts (Buckhead)?