Doughnut Dollies, my, my, do you make some snazzy, fancy donuts. May I spell them “donuts”?

There were some whacky donuts here including a Cereal Bowl donut, Man Bun, and some Black Pepper Raspberry Shortbread. I opted for something more subtle with one of my favorite fruits–the Strawberry.

The donuts, if you can’t tell from the pictures, are pretty big. I opted for only one rather than my customary two-per shop. I’m happy I went with that decision because the density of the donut was pretty heavy. I scored the donut with the same D2 as an old-fashioned like what I had earlier in the day even though, really, this was not as dense. However, because of it’s sheer size and doughy-ness, I had to score it with more density because that’s how I felt. More specifically, I felt like I was eating bread or a roll with some icing and a faint hint of strawberry.

I really expected the strawberry flavor to come through stronger. However, it didn’t. Maybe because of the whole “bready” texture of the donut was just overwhelming and subsumed the strawberry.

I’m curious if I had tried a different donut with more explicit flavors and toppings would have been a stronger taste profile that would’ve stood out more prominently than the bread. But for this big donut, all I remember is the dough.


Where is Doughnut Dollies (Marietta, GA)?