Raise your hand if you’re a fan of red velvet! Well, my hand didn’t go up full up. It’s hovering at half-mast. My sister’s hand would shoot up, and so opted for the Red Velvet Cake donut in the glass case in honor of her. This is my way of also venturing beyond my go-to donut flavors like the Halloween sprinkled donut that I also got as part of my half-dozen. However, for the sakes of Mmm… Donut, I’m not reviewing that one. (… for now.)

I’ve had a lot of red velvet in the past in the form of cakes. This donut had a hint of red velvet. It wasn’t a strong flavor profile as in the past. It was still strong in the sugar department. All of this has brought me to a red velvet existential question — what does red velvet actually taste like? Based on this donut, I’d say sugar. It was moist and crumbly.

I’m curious how another red velvet cake donut will taste in the future to compare. Till then…


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