Woo! Another old-fashioned donut to add to my reviews! These donuts are always intriguing to me because they’re typically made with sour cream. Outside of beef stroganoff, I don’t have much sour cream. In settings like donuts, I’m all for it.

Daylight Donuts’ take on the old-fashioned is good. It’s plenty hefty/ dense per the usual. This take was a little bigger than my previous donuts from Dandy Donuts and Bob’s in San Fran. This one, too, had a generous layer of chocolate frosting.

I remember as a kid how much I loved the frosting when it would harden, and when pieces fell off donuts. Those little “frosting chips” were great. This donut’s chocolate frosting was much like those days with the chocolate frosting chips falling off. What I liked most, as a guy with a serious sweet tooth, was seeing the thickness of the frosting. For some, this would be one heavy layer. For me, it was great. It was nostalgic, and yes, sugary.

Maybe next time, I’ll try a different topping on a the classic old-fashioned.


Where Is Daylight Donuts (Valdosta, GA)?