Ice cream on a donut… in Japan… I thought I might get green tea ice cream as the ice cream. Turns out, Captain’s Donut only provided vanilla as the ice cream. Also, it was soft serve. Soft serve, though, is my jam. I’m not big on “traditional” or “regular” ice cream as much as I am about soft serve. (Come to think of it, is the other ice cream “hard serve”?)

What makes this particular donut standout, however, isn’t the ice cream. It’s not even that they cut up the donut into smaller, bite-sized pieces. (Which I was not expecting.)

Instead, what makes this donut slightly-extra-than-ordinary is that it is soy-based. If you were to ask me what exactly is soy, I won’t have the answer for you. I can only tell you that it had a familiar soy taste in the dough. It was still very light with the slight crunch on the outside from being freshly fried.

I can’t say the soy taste was good or bad. It was just… there. Even with the vanilla ice cream, I felt that the taste was very light. I’m daring to write “bland” here with the cold of the ice cream perhaps numbing my tastebuds more than usual.

If you’re in the area, yeah, stop on by and grab yourself an ice cream donut. But if you’re going to go out of your way, this may not be the one you do so.


Where is Captain’s Donut (Shimokitazawa)?