The Bon Glaze German Chocolate Cake was the special donut I got on National Donut Day 2019. This complemented the far simpler, classic Vanilla Bean Glazed donut I had as the freebie on offer on the day.

In this case, the German Chocolate Cake was very different than most of the Bon Glaze donuts I’ve enjoyed over the years. That is, not only was this donut very ornate, but it was also made with the cake-like dough–much denser than the other Bon Glaze donuts.

Add on top of this unique donut, the taste was very strong as you’d expect from German Chocolate-anything. And sitting lightly atop the donut was a pecan + caramel + coconut concoction that added a twist in taste and texture bringing out the robust chocolatey flavor.

Definitely enjoyable.


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