I got this Drunken Pirate donut on a dreary November Tuesday morning prior to going into an office at Benchwarmer’s. And yes, the description for the Drunken Pirate does indicate some liquor — “Butter rum Glaze, Brulee Banana“. However, I maintain that the rum was cooked out of the glaze. I’m sure of it. Maybe.

Though the rum was cooked out (!), there was certainly a hint of rum on the glaze. But other than that, the strongest flavor came from the banana slices. The brûlée added a little more sweetness to the natural sweetness of the banana.

The dough was very filling as it was heavy and dense. It’s not typically my choice for dough (the airier, the better for me). I didn’t eat the donut completely in the first few minutes. Since it was a make-to-order donut (as all are at Benchwarmer’s), the donut initially came to me warm and soft. Thus, the first several bites were soft and easy. But as I held onto the rest of the donut while my colleague and I drove 11 other donuts to the office, the dough firmed up making the whole eating sensation slightly more labored. It’s just what happens with denser donuts — or any breading.

Good donut. Good flavor. Would recommend eating the donut more expediently rather than sit and wait.


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