When you stop into a swanky spot like Baker & Spice (or the Dubai Mall), you expect a donut that is made of quality. You have to expect a little density in the donut because in some way, density / weight means expensive. That about gold. Think about marble (which is a common building material everywhere in Dubai). Think about the scene from Jurassic Park when the insurance agent asks the kid playing with night vision goggles, “Is it heavy?… Then, it’s probably expensive. Put it down.”

The glaze on this donut was fine. I don’t mean “fine” as in quality. Instead, I mean fine in the sense of weight. It’s delicate. The glaze ever so gently envelopes this donut. It almost offers just a hint of taste to this donut which is otherwise setting off “bready” alarms in my head. As you can tell from the Bite picture, this donut comes with density. Though, there’s some lightness to this donut’s taste (kudos to the bakemanship here).

But otherwise, it’s a simple donut. No frills. No rewards but that little hint of sweetness as your motuh takes out chunks of its weight. Were you expecting anything different? C’mon! It’s a glazed donut with some dough density to it!


Where is Baker & Spice (Dubai)?